Jo Voight

Bookkeeper and BAS Agent

Business Counselling Services for Sole Traders and Small Business Operators, New and Established

Many business advisors will tell you not to discuss your work details with your friends, family or partner.  Yet sometimes it is extremely valuable to talk a problem through and hear yourself address the issue–so who do you talk to? Business counselling is dedicated time for you to talk, think out loud, kick around your ideas, brainstorm and be listened to by an understanding and practical counsellor.

I believe that if you know what your problem is, you know what the solution is. The bigger issue is that many of us need support to make the changes that we already know are required to solve our problems and issues in business.  Business can provide just as much developmental or evolutionary challenge as family and partners, yet most business owners do not typically devote time to addressing the issues that arise for them personally within the context of business.

The simple act of dedicating time to looking after your business and yourself in the context of your business can be invaluable. Some people like to have time to simply talk and hear themselves solve their own problems in the presence of a witness. Others prefer to engage in a co-creative process of talking and feedback and practical tools. Others will be more inclined to contemplation and inquiry into the issues that arise within business, as they realise that all issues that present are a mirror for what is really going in themselves. I can work with you in the way you prefer.

Subjects we can Tackle

  • Assistance for moving through times of transition and personal and/or business changes
  • Work on your business for greater satisfaction and success
  • Implement sustainable business and personal practices
  • Money management coaching, guidance and practical tools
  • Establish or improve business systems for efficiency
  • Guidance for managing staff and contractor issues
  • Dealing with difficult customers and suppliers
  • Practical help for workload management
  • Create freedom and autonomy for yourself
  • Foster alignment between your personal values and your business operations
  • Make the most of your skills and talents
  • Become a positive force for evolution through the way you interact with your clients
  • Mindfulness and meditation

You can book sessions singly as you need them or enter into a committed program tailored to your needs.



Business counselling sessions are customised to you and your business. I work creatively and intuitively balanced with practical and useful solutions, geared towards what is relevant for you right now.

One-off session: $150

Series of three sessions:$390 (payable in advance)

Ongoing monthly sessions: $110 per session when booking four or more sessions (payable in advance)

Allow up to 90 minutes for the initial session.

Follow up sessions are between 60 and 75 minutes.


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