Do you Need Help in Promoting Your Small Business or Bookkeeping Services?

Do you spend all your time on your clients’ files and just can’t seem to get around to marketing? You know you could look after more clients and make more money if only you could get a blog and newsletter up and running? Or perhaps you love bookkeeping but are not interested in writing?

It’s no secret that blogging and newsletters are an integral part of a successful marketing plan. The vast majority of sales are made through direct mail and newsletters—not social media, as some would have you believe. Social media is important for other reasons—but it’s blogs, newsletters and emails that really speak to your customers with relevant content that is more likely to result in people engaging your services as a bookkeeper.

Content Writing for Bookkeepers

Having the content written specifically for your target market by an experienced professional in our industry means that you get relevant, authoritative and useful information that engages your existing clients and potential customers.

Customised content can be written with your unique keywords and search terms, which means that you are more likely to be found by search engines. As a result, you are more likely to get visitors to your website and new people signing up to your blog. Consequently you are more likely to convert prospects to paying customers whilst providing them with juicy information!

In our industry we are often responsible for educating our clients on many aspects of business—how many times have you wanted to get reminders or current information or small business tips out to your clients quickly and easily? Having a freelance writer on your team will assist you in looking after your clients the way you would like to.

When you are not trying to do things that don’t come naturally you can focus on doing what does come naturally–particularly looking after your clients’ accounts and nurturing the relationships. Not only that, but you can work on your business directly in productive and enjoyable ways such as networking, visiting clients’ premises and devoting time to talking to prospective customers. What’s more, you will have time available for mentoring and managing staff and attending professional development and education events.

You don’t have to become an expert in yet another thing, when our industry already demands that you keep up with constantly changing laws, technology and best practices.

You can have your content written by an experienced professional from our industry who understands the business of bookkeeping.

Your content is delivered on time to an agreed schedule. No fuss. No stress.

Your marketing budget is spent strategically, going straight to nurturing existing client relationships and building potential customer relationships. You know exactly where the money is being spent and you can define both the budget and content delivery schedule.

If you are serious about developing your bookkeeping business then make it easier on yourself by handing over the content writing—everything flows more easily when you engage expert professionals to collaborate with you in your business. You will then find that you enjoy your own business more and can maximise the time you spend on your business doing the things you are brilliant at.

It costs less than you think!

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