Do You Need Help Promoting Your Business with Professional Writing?

It’s no secret that blogging and newsletters are an integral part of a successful marketing plan. The vast majority of sales are made through direct mail and newsletters—not social media, as some would have you believe. Social media is important for other reasons—but it’s blogs, newsletters and emails that really speak to your customers with relevant content that is more likely to result in people engaging your services.

Getting professional writing helps lift your business game. One way to stand out is to have great content that speaks to your audience, written specifically for you.

Content Writing

Having your blogs, newsletters and other content written specifically for your target market by an experienced professional means that you get customised copy that engages your existing clients and potential customers.

You provide me with a brief of your requirements and I’ll work with you to include your unique keywords and search terms.

Having a freelance writer on your team will assist you in looking after your clients the way you would like to. You can then focus on your business, your passions and what comes naturally to you.

Professional writing delivered on time to an agreed schedule. No fuss. No stress.

Technical Writing

Technical writing is a particular skill requiring great attention to detail. If you need a user guide, technical instructions or ‘how-to’ resources, talk to me and I’d be happy to provide samples of my work.

Blogs, Newsletters and Copy

Need to set up a regular newsletter or blog?

Need your website or other business copy refreshed?

Got a new project for release?

I can work directly with you (business owner) and your team or with your SEO digital marketing agency. Many agencies that offer digital marketing strategies have writers in their teams, but you can always choose your own writer to work with. Either way, we work together to produce the content you need according to the required schedule and word count.

It costs less than you think!

Contact me now to discuss your blog, direct emails or newsletters or book a time here.

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