Jo Voight

Bookkeeper and BAS Agent

How a Bookkeeper Benefits Your Business

A professional certified bookkeeper can take care of the daily, weekly or monthly tasks required for managing your business finances and accounts.  This allows you to do what you are good at and what you most want to do in your business—to focus on providing service to your customers and work on developing your business.

Your bookkeeper can become a trusted advisor to assist you in your business performance and health.  The bookkeeper’s role is different from that of an accountant or tax agent—these professionals may also be trusted advisors to you and your business, but usually the bookkeeper is more involved in the daily processes and functioning of your business and has a better understanding of the issues you face.  Having a great bookkeeper to assist you in running your business makes things easier for your tax agent, and they can work together on keeping your accounts in good order and assisting you in your legal compliance obligations as a business owner.

Hire a Qualified Professional Expert

With the advent of online accounting systems and greater education and awareness from business owners around bookkeeping and compliance, it is easier for business owners to be directly involved in their own accounts.  But this doesn’t mean it’s easier to understand the law and legal requirements as a business owner.  Bookkeepers/BAS agents and accountants/tax agents are trained in GST, income tax and other relevant laws—we have the knowledge to help you in meeting your legal requirements.

Many business owners think they will save money by trying to do the accounts and bookkeeping themselves—and they think that the online accounting will teach them all they need to know.  Yet most have never had any training in the relevant laws, nor had any training in cashflow management, financial planning, and financial understanding in general.  Use an expert to look after your accounts so you can be the expert in your own business.

A certified bookkeeper has to abide by a professional code of conduct, provide a high standard of service, maintain professional development and ongoing training, and maintain insurance.  A great bookkeeper will also be a member of a professional organisation such as the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, where they have access to thousands of best practice and current industry based resources.

Advantages of Engaging a Certified Bookkeeper

  • Keeps your records up to date so you can get accurate reports to show your current financial situation, and to assist with legal record keeping requirements
  • Helps to keep your end of year accounting bills down; by accurate processing throughout the year, there are fewer adjustments required by the tax agent
  • Helps to avoid late penalties by making sure your GST, PAYG and superannuation compliance obligations are taken care of
  • Frees up your time so you can work on your business rather than trying to do tasks you are not qualified in
  • Receive information about patterns, trends, cycles, areas of growth or reduction and potential risks
  • Minimise the risk of fraud
  • You know you have an expert on your side who can advise and support you in many or all aspects of your business—from daily operations and business systems to the big picture of how your business is performing and business goals
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