Personalised Xero Training

Xero is a brilliant business tool and many business owners have signed up and taught themselves the basics–and are doing a good job! So many owners I have met who used to hate doing their bookkeeping and BAS, and yet now look forward to the process, because Xero makes it easy and enjoyable. However, getting some personalised Xero training can really maximise the use and enjoyment of Xero even more.

I have found many owners who are familiar with the process of allocating bank transactions to general ledger accounts, but do little beyond raising invoices and banking.  There is much more to using Xero well than simply allocating your banking transactions.  Bank feeds are a boon for time-poor business owners and bank rules simplify the process of allocating transactions–but Xero has a great deal of functionality that could be relevant to your business that you may be missing out on.

Did you know that allocating the transactions on the bank feed screen is not actually reconciling the account?  There is a separate process that you need to go through in order to formally reconcile a bank account and publish the verification of that reconciliation.

I have come across many business owners who have a staff member or partner “doing their books”, believing that all is being taken care of, yet not a single bank account has been reconciled, and they may have many errors and duplicate transactions that have been allocated to financial accounts.

Equally, I have met any number of business owners who tell me that their accountant does their BAS in Xero. But when I check their file, not a single BAS has been published within Xero. This means the GST and BAS records are separate to the business data–ridiculous when Xero has the capability to complete and lodge the BAS from within the software.

I recently assisted a business owner who had a very unusual problem with months worth of duplicate bank feeds. Because his bookkeeper had not been reconciling the account, the duplicates were never picked up, and consequently his BAS had been prepared with incorrect figures (many tens of thousands of dollars out).  If the business owner and bookkeeper had known the importance of verifying and reconciling the bank transactions, and known how to do it, the problem would have been picked up straight away, the financial institution that had the recurring issues could have been contacted, and it would have been relatively easy to fix the problems.  As it was, because the bank was so badly out over a period of several months, the financial reports were completely inaccurate.

Xero Allows You to See Accurate and Current Financial Reports

If you are using Xero really well and your data is accurate, you should be able to run reports at will knowing the information is reliable.

  • Are you making the most of what Xero has to offer you as a business systems tool?
  • Are you regularly viewing your financial reports?Do the reports make sense and do you understand how to read them?
  • Are your bank accounts properly reconciled?
  • Are your Activity Statements published in Xero?
  • Are you using automation as much as you could be?

Personalised Xero Training

It can be really valuable to sit with an experienced Xero Advisor who can offer personalised training to assist you in using your software to its best advantage for your business needs.  Knowing how to use the software well will also assist you in making business compliance much easier–you will know your BAS is accurate, you will be confident that your payroll is correct, you will gain insight into your finances by knowing which reports are useful and how to understand them.

When we teach ourselves an application it can be really rewarding and personally satisfying, but often we don’t know what we don’t know.

I can teach you tips and tricks about everyday use of Xero, and also offer insights into how to get the most out of the system to make running your business easier, more efficient and more enjoyable.

I will tailor the sessions to your level of knowledge, your business type and the

How do the Training Sessions Work?

I generally find that two sessions of one and a half hours each are a good start, and we try to book them within ten days to a fortnight of each other.  Then we assess where your knowledge is at and if there are further aspects of learning about Xero that are required.  If you want to learn about payroll, this would generally be a session on its own.  Depending on your level of knowledge about completing a BAS, this may be covered in the second training session or it may be a session on its own.  After the initial two sessions, you are welcome to book single sessions as required on an ad-hoc basis.

Before the training sessions, I ask for access to your Xero file so that I can conduct a mini-review of the file to see if there are gaps in how it is being used or obvious errors that need attention.


Visit my Services and Pricing page for details.

I am happy to visit your business and conduct face-to-face training for individuals or small groups within Boroondara area. Otherwise I conduct training sessions via Zoom.

Talk to me for a quote based on your specific needs, number of staff and business type.

Call me and let’s discuss how I can assist you to make the most of Xero for your business.

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